Navigating the Challenges of International Projects

Increasingly, we are tasked with implementing projects where foreign companies specializing in industrial automation and robotization are seeking Hungarian partners to deploy their projects in Hungary. Additionally, we are receiving an increasing number of requests to outsource manpower for projects, supplying development resources or production capacity to our foreign clients who require specialized expertise. Many of our clients are large, internationally-oriented companies, so our processes and team are structured to effectively collaborate with both domestic and international experts and engineering teams.

The Challenges

In many of our projects, we don't work directly with the manufacturing company (as a Tier 1 supplier) but rather with its partner or service provider (as a Tier 2 supplier). Companies with foreign parent companies often collaborate with trusted partners of those parents. Large Hungarian firms are eager to work not only with local suppliers but also with internationally recognized ones. Foreign-headquartered companies that secure contracts in Hungary and are tasked with installing their equipment or technology often lack sufficient local capacity. The extended duration and high costs of installation and deployment make financing these projects challenging or economically infeasible.

For projects involving a foreign supplier, it isn't the client manufacturing companies that are in search of a partner—rather, the suppliers must secure a local workforce that possesses the necessary experience and quality assurances to provide a more cost-effective and timely response. This arrangement can also ensure that expertise remains available to the client after project completion. The supplier (Tier 1) then needs a competent, locally available partner or subcontractor (Tier 2) who can swiftly grasp the needs and expectations of both parties and execute the project accordingly.

Navigation by Hunify Laboratories

At Hunify Laboratories, we offer a significant advantage by being able to connect across multiple disciplines—we possess the right competencies and engineering capacities in electronics, software, and hardware. This allows us to handle projects without the need for multiple subcontractors, which reduces lead times, administrative burdens, and costs.

We have observed that inadequate language skills among engineers and machine operators continue to be an issue in the Hungarian market. This deficiency poses risks in terms of completing projects on time and maintaining quality standards. Therefore, we advise our international service partners to allocate the necessary engineering and working time resources by engaging local subcontractors.

Our services ensure a dependable, local presence for our partners, not only during the implementation phase but also throughout ongoing operation, supervision, and troubleshooting. Remote system monitoring from hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away can lead to significant complications and increase the risk of customer dissatisfaction. In our well-established partnerships, we take over this responsibility entirely from our clients, providing all necessary services to the end users.

Cooperation models - flexibly and efficiently

Several increasingly frequent inquiries have already led to successful and long-lasting partnerships. Most recently, we established a framework with Italian and Turkish companies to install and implement their products and services in Hungary, train the client’s Hungarian colleagues, and provide ongoing support through Hunify Laboratories experts. This model not only fosters successful business engagements but also enables us to learn from our partners and integrate their technologies or technical solutions into our own projects.

These assignments are complex and provide long-term support for our clients' projects in Hungary. We represent the foreign clients throughout various project phases, as necessary and agreed upon:

● addressing issues during the design phase;
● managing the on-site installation and commissioning of the technology or equipment;
● training colleagues at the Hungarian site to ensure the new solution is quickly and correctly utilized; and finally
● handling warranty maintenance and follow-up.

We often find that training in Hungarian, using local terminology, is significantly more effective and faster. Typically, companies need additional support after commissioning or when maintenance issues occur, which Hunify can provide locally, offering shorter lead times and reduced costs.

If you require engineering support, whether for professional expertise or capacity issues, we offer an outsourcing option. Based on our experience, service companies appreciate the flexible and well-structured professional support we offer, especially when they can manage most of the implementation work themselves but face capacity constraints in certain areas. In such instances, we can provide resident engineers and software developers, even on a short-term contract basis. We also recommend this approach to international partners seeking solutions for monitoring, maintenance, and customer support following installation and commissioning.

Prepared and with resources available - ready to start immediately

The team of experts at Hunify Laboratories is equipped and ready to handle inquiries from international customers with resources available for immediate allocation. Leveraging our extensive references and experience, we have successfully collaborated with foreign headquarters of production companies and service providers with portfolios similar to ours. If you are interested, our colleagues are always eager to engage with our partners through a free consultation!

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